More than design

Turning each Project into livable work of art.

Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence are reflected in every corner, turning each project into a livable work of art. We bring visions to life, crafting environments that are not just seen but experienced with a unique distinction.


250 m2



We understand that each client is unique and has specific needs and wants when it comes to
interior design


Work Process

At Lord Designs Interiors, our process is meticulous and detail-oriented. We begin with in-depth research into the client’s needs, creating creative and functional proposals. During execution, we maintain constant communication to ensure satisfaction.


Our Focus

To put it simply, our focus is on YOU. We´re great listeners. Every project detail will concentrate on the needs of you and your family. Because the things you love and enjoy will never go out of style.


Our Goal

Colaboration is the principle tenet of our studio. Creating beautiful design requires a collaboration of talented designers based on trust, openness and respect, who share a common goal. Our goal, without exception, is to create meaningful, original and beautiful interiors that reflect the authenticity and lifestyle of our clients.

More than any other factor, active collaboration has been the key component to the success of the studio. We learn, grow and are inspired from shared experiences, views, ideas, and opinions. Our clients are the beneficiaries of a design developed with a collective objective that is ultimately stronger, broader and acutely innovative in its approach.

“We take pride in offering a highly personalised bespoke interior design service, placing great importance & commitment to building strong client relations, creating beautiful designs that will stand the test of time.. Our projects combine a detail driven meticulous approach, creating spaces & lifestyles that work for the people who live in them.”

Sophie Lord

Company Director.