Alzambra Hill Club

Alzambra Hill Club

2 rooms

160 m2


The interior of this private apartment employs a natural-toned colour palette throughout. Black accents found in smaller fixtures flow around the space bringing in a bold contract to the calm colour pallet. Throughout the interior, the soft furnishings were delicatly selected, the living area being characterised by monochrome patterns and tan accents, with the bedrooms in more calming, softer tones.  Customized oversized rugs frame the living spaces, finishing off the areas to perfection while the sensual curved forms of the living area furnishings act as a feminine balance to the more masculine surroundings.


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At Lord Designs, each interior design project is a refined expression of creativity and functionality. We meticulously blend aesthetic and practical elements to shape spaces that exceed expectations. From the selection of color palettes to the meticulous choice of materials, every decision contributes to the elegance and sophistication of the design.